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Call tracking: the secret weapon of the financial marketing agency

By January 26, 2017 No Comments

Do you know why new, potential clients call your firm? Do you know where they found your number?

Let’s say you have a business card with your phone number, a website with a number as well, and paid adverts showing in Google with a number displayed too. How can you tell how many inbound inquiries came from networking events versus your website, or your paid ads (AdWords)?

Any financial marketing agency worth its salt will have call tracking as part of their answer to this question. Indeed, WordStream has shown that financial services firms such as IFAs can expect higher conversion rates (5.1%) and longer call durations (avg. 8.5) compared to almost every other industry. So this is definitely a marketing tactic you need to be considering..

PPC is so powerful for financial firms because it is highly measurable – to the point where you can track even the number of phone calls your adverts trigger. Many marketing companies overlook this AdWords feature, yet it should form an essential component of any good marketing strategy. So if your financial marketing agency hasn’t suggested this to you yet, maybe float the idea to them! They’ll be impressed, and perhaps slightly intimidated that you know about it!

How does call tracking work, then? Essentially, your financial marketing agency can put a smart, dynamic and unique phone number on your website – one which changes depending on how the user arrived on your website.

So let’s say, for instance, you are paying Google AdWords so your website appears on page one when people type “IFA Surrey” into Google. One day, a user searches for this term and sees your link. They click on it and arrive at your website. After they’ve looked around for a while, they see your phone number on your contact page and decide to call it. Google directs the user to your real business phone number without the user realising, and then records a “conversion”.

The next day, a different user is looking for an IFA. However, this time they search Google using the term “Surrey financial adviser”. Fortunately, your financial marketing agency has been managing your AdWords campaign, and your website is appearing on page one for this search term as well.

This user sees your site and clicks through. They see your phone number on your website – only this number is different from the one seen yesterday by your previous visitor. They call it, and Google puts this user through to your real business number. Again, they record a conversion.

What’s happening here? Call tracking. Google is generating alias phone numbers to appear on your website. The number they see depends on which of your AdWords ads they clicked on. However, regardless of the alias number, the user will be put through to your real business phone number if they call it.

There is enormous power for financial firms and their marketing here. Essentially, this allows you to determine which AdWords ads are generating this most qualified, prospect phone calls to your financial business. If a particular ad is generating more ROI than others, then you can adjust your spend accordingly to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

If you are looking for a financial marketing agency to help you with AdWords and call tracking, then give us a call. Our marketing consultants are friendly and would love to help. We can help you get the most out of your campaign.