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10 Social Media Content Ideas for Your Financial Marketing

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As a financial planner looking to increase brand awareness and engagement, you’ve likely considered social media as a potential way to reach out to new and existing clients.

Yet it can be a challenge to figure out what exactly you should include in your social media content calendar. After all, different social platforms require different posting frequencies. Those which require more active publishing (e.g. Twitter) will particularly need some variety to attract and retain an engaged target audience.

Even on LinkedIn and Facebook (which require less frequent posting), you cannot get away with simply posting the same kind of thing over and over again. People will get bored very quickly!

Of course, the nature, frequency and targeting of your social media posts will vary depending on your marketing goals and strategy. However, it’s still helpful to have a list of different content ideas which you might leverage for your specific marketing needs.

That’s what this article is all about. Below, you’ll find 10 content ideas for financial services to consider using on their social media platforms. We hope you find this helpful, and invite you to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your own financial marketing campaign with us:

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#1 Company Updates

Perhaps one of the more boring and obvious ideas, but it’s worth a mention. If you’ve recently launched a new website, held an exciting local event or attended a charity marathon as a team, why not mention it on Facebook, Twitter or your other social profiles? Thee posts can often add a warm human face to your brand, particularly if good photographs or screenshots are included.


#2 Polls

If you are interested to know your audience’s opinion on a particular topic, then you could ask them to take part in a quick survey. This might be a link to a quiz which you have created on a platform like SurveyMonkey, for instance. Or, if you’re using a platform like Facebook then the social media tool itself might provide a quick, easy tool to poll your followers (without them having to leave the platform).


#3 Invitations

Do you have an exciting investment seminar coming up, or perhaps a webinar on pension transfers? Social media can be a great place to promote these events to your followers, and possibly even get some sign-ups by offering a compelling invitation/call-to-action. Again, there are some great tools you can use to take bookings such as Eventbrite. Certain social channels can also allow you to do this within the platform (e.g. Facebook Events).


#4 Shout outs

As a financial planner or adviser, you obviously need to be careful with this one. A new client might not appreciate it, for instance, if you tag them on Twitter and post: “Lovely to meet you today during our first financial consultation about your investments!” They might, understandably, want to keep this private. However, there are certain occasions when a shout out can work well on social media. For instance, if one of your followers shares an interesting article with you, perhaps you could share the link and publicly thank and acknowledge the follower. Or, if you had a new intern in your office for the week, perhaps you could give them a shout out too!


#5 Gifs & Memes

Again, use these with care. You don’t want to risk offending anyone, or giving off the impression that your brand should not be taken seriously (financial planners need to be, given their remit). However, a bit of fun and humour can sometimes go a long way to inject some life into what can, sometimes, be a boring sector (i.e. financial services).


#6 Recommendations

Have you recently read a great book on investing or pension planning which you feel that your followers might benefit from? Why not share a quick summary and link to the book on your social media? Again, it’s a great way to engage people and offer value.


#7 Articles

Are you providing any thought leadership on your blog or website resource area? Many financial planners do, but that’s as far as the message goes. By offering the content on social media, you can open up new traffic channels to your website and potentially reach more people with your message.


#8 Ask Questions

No one knows everything, and that’s OK. As a financial planner, you don’t need to necessarily give off the impression that you have no knowledge gaps. Many people actually appreciate it when a brand opens up questions on certain topics. For example, do you have any social media followers who are living abroad? Could you tag them in a post and ask them a question about when expats in their county of residence tend to start thinking about their pension, and where they tend to turn?


#9 A Sales Pitch

Every now and then (say, every 1 social media post out of 10) it’s acceptable to promote your business through a direct sales pitch. People will be more receptive to this if they have become accustomed to hearing from you about interest, valuable topics which have helped them. It could be a very simple message accompanied by a compelling image: “Are you paying too much on investment fees? Find out by booking a free consultation with our team.”


#10 Share Stories

Do you have a great client testimonial on your website (possibly a video?) which you could share with your followers? People love a good story. Many people will stop scrolling through their news feed if they see a strong headline about: “Sue’s Story With Cancer” or “How John Retired at 55”, accompanied by a great image, video or description.



Are you looking to develop your own digital content strategy for your financial services firm? Find out more about how we can help here. If you are ready to start a conversation about your campaign, then we’d love to hold a free consultation with you. Get in touch via:

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