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SEO tools to boost your 2017 financial marketing strategy

By February 15, 2017 No Comments

If you’re serious about getting your financial website to the top pages of Google, you’ll need a good amount of SEO knowledge under your belt. You’ll need time and effort too. However, it also really helps to have a decent set of tools.

No single tool can handle all of your SEO requirements. You’ll need a small collection in order to have a comprehensive arsenal. Here are some of our top picks to bolster your financial marketing strategy:

#1 Screaming Frog SEO spider

This is a really useful tool for checking the integrity of your website structure. Essentially, it crawls over your website in a similar fashion to the way Google does.

The SEO Spider is great for auditing your website, allowing you to find focus points for your website optimisation efforts.

It will gather status codes, 404s, links, redirects, alt text, the number of internal links and more. Very useful if a website refresh is part of your financial marketing strategy this year.

You can test it for free ( before you buy it. However, if you are an existing client with us you shouldn’t need this. We provide these audits as part of our ongoing marketing packages.

#2 SEM Rush

If you’re wanting to find out which keywords you should be focusing on, the Google Keyword Tools is a useful place to start.

However, if you’re wanting to drill down into more detail, SEM Rush ( will give you that extra edge. It will show you which keywords are popular in your niche, how competitive they are, and shows you which of them are providing organic (unpaid) traffic to your competition.

Again, we provide this as part of our marketing packages. However, you can try the basic version for free yourself.

#3 Majestic

It’s important to be able to dissect backlinks in order to outrank your competitors in Google. With a tool like Majestic (, you can check the backlinks of your competitor’s website. It sheds light on how they got their website to where it is, and also reveals which links are considered newsworthy and so pick up press.

#4 Rank tracking tools

You’ll want to know if your SEO efforts are actually producing increased search rankings. A rank tracking tool will give this information to you, showing your position changes over time.

You can try providers like Positionly as a budget option to get your financial marketing strategy started. Again, our clients gain access to this information via our Portal. This allows them to see how our efforts are delivering results for them in Google and Bing.

For 5 more best SEO practices to boost your financial marketing strategy, check out our post: “Financial Marketing 101: How to rank your blog higher up in Google“.